We only offer fruits where we have a direct participation in the growing and harvesting processes, so we can be sure that the final product meets the quality we require.

At the time, we can offer the following products:

Passion fruit (Granadilla)

The granadilla belongs to the same family of the maracuya. Consuming this fruit while in pregnancy is recommended by most obstetricians, because of its benefits for the newborn. Unlike the maracuya, this fruit has a sweet pulp. It is also rich in calcium, iron and vitamins (A and C).

Passion fruit(Maracuyá)

This exotic fruit grows in the northern coast of Perú and is also know as maracuya. It is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins (A and C). This fruit can be used to prepare juices, jams, desserts and many more.


We grow our avocados in the northern coast of Perú. This variety of avocado is known because of its thick skin, easy to peel and its high oil content, which gives this fruit a superior flavor among others.

Mango Kent

Our mango kent grown in the north of Peru (Piura – Casma). This fruit has an intense sweet flavor, oval profile and a regular shape. Each fruit has 400 – 600 gr.

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